we lied to you

hey kids,

we know that nobody cares, but we do so we’re telling you anyway: the first broadcast has been pushed back because kendra and fiona are weenies who are bad at planning. For real this time, the first broadcast is going to be TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, because fiona is rehearsing to play a definitely not dead person in the all-school play and kendra has a math test that she wants to study for during the only Tuesday slot when they could hypothetically broadcast before the 27th, so we can all just say that she is solely responsible for the lateness and leave it at that.

if you’re reading this, thank you! and also, how did you find this website? we’d love to know. we typed “kmbr radio marlborough” into google and it didn’t come up.

tune in on the 27th to hear kendra and fiona apologize profusely for broadcasting a month late not only because they feel bad but also because doing so takes up time and they might not have that much to say!